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Monday, 26 May 2014

Social Media

Social media

There are 7 billion people on our planet and by the end of last year well over one billion of them were using Facebook.

That's over 1 in 7 of us! When you think the world's total includes babies, young children and those who don't have access to the Internet, it's pretty amazing.

There's no doubt that social media is massive, but it got me wondering... Is knowing what your mates had for dinner a good or a bad thing?

Somebody once told me that London was one of the loneliest places to live. I found this pretty surprising.

We all know it's a huge place and absolutely bursting at the seams with people, so how could you be lonely?

They explained that because it's so big, it's easy to feel lost and difficult to meet friends. People don't use cars and friends can live miles and miles away.

I suppose it's hard to feel you belong in a place so diverse and understandably, it's easy to feel like a little fish in a big pond.

The same could be said for motherhood. Many of us can feel alone and think we're the only ones going through the tough bits.

It's easy when everyone around you puts on a display of doing fantastically well, leaving you to feel like you're the only one who's struggling.

No one would ever admit that it's hard, for fear of sounding like they've failed.

Until social media came along. Finally from the safety blanket of your computer has come the chance to be honest and by doing so provide support for others who can feel reassured that we're actually all in the same boat.

Whether its finding your feet in a new city or learning about the trials and tribulations of first time motherhood, the support of others can be a lifeline.

Not wishing to state the obvious, but social media has given us the opportunity to realise we are not alone. Even by seeing comments you can relate to, it can make you feel part of something.

Friends can be supportive while living hundreds of miles away and even the comments of virtual strangers can lead to the development of another good relationship.

For many, it can be the only chance at adult conversation they've had in days.

It takes just six links in the chain to know everyone in the world. So, it seems Facebook's aim to connect the world has been successful, but can social media be a bad thing?

After all, it has  been sited in a worrying percentage of divorce cases. It's so easy to get back in touch with exes and flirt online, causing waves in what might be an already troubled relationship. And people can also be quite hurtful online, because it's not face to face.

But, is this a new thing? Isn't this the case in life anyway?

Like with everything, when done in moderation, I think the chance to connect with your friends more regularly has got to be a good thing.

But, now our planet seems like such a small place, maybe we should move further afield? ;-)

Alex xx

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