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Friday, 17 February 2017

Why I’m still loving this baby blanket six years on…

When I first became a mum I was clueless. Not just the ‘never done it before’ clueless, but the ‘didn’t even realise babies needed to sleep a lot and only drank milk’ clueless. And they didn’t come with an instruction manual either. 

As I write, I’m actually wondering right now how, with sleep deprivation added to the rabbit in the headlights type bewilderment, that my baby managed to stay in the land of the living, but somehow we got through it together. (Tougher than you think, these babies, clearly!)

When my first born came along, the poor little thing was blighted with a milk allergy and eczema, something which I had kindly passed on to him, being asthmatic and prone to allergies myself. I found out at the time it was called atopy.

Sadly in the months leading up to the medical professionals discovering his allergies, it led to nasty patches of eczema all over his body which would weep and bleed, leaving a very unhappy and uncomfortable baby. (Little did I know at the time that the milk allergy was causing him pain on the inside, as well as the horrible eczema that I could see). Totally distressing for everyone concerned.

Anyway, in among the total life change and getting used to having a little person to keep alive, I was overwhelmed by the kindness of friends and family, who provided me with gifts that I could really use. We’re talking babygros, vests and blankets, muslin squares and bibs – all of the kind of things that a new mum really needs.

And one gift which stuck out in particular was a pot of organic nappy cream and a beautiful bamboo baby blanket from Natures Purest.
This is a company which prides itself on producing a range of baby accessories, clothes and toys which are completely chemical free, so that parents can be sure they will be kindest to a newborn’s skin. The organic nature of the products make them perfect for children who are prone to allergies.

In the past I always believed that organic cotton would be scratchy and uncomfortable, due to the absence of the softeners and other chemicals. However, I was really surprised. Not only could I use this breathable cotton blanket to keep my baby warm while he slept, in the knowledge that his skin wouldn’t react to the material, but it was and still is luxuriously soft too.

In doing their extra bit for the environment, the attractive box that the silky smooth blanket came in was made from recycled card, which was finished with a pretty hand tied bow.

I still have the blanket six years on, despite most of my baby stuff having hit the loft for posterity or made a trip to the charity shops. This is something I really don’t want to part with, even after all this time and it still makes a nice snuggly blanket for when my poorly boys are having a day off on the sofa.

If you’re looking for a gift to give parents of a new baby, then this squares bamboo greeting blanket is really worth a look. Find out more at