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Monday, 26 May 2014

The perils of the 18 month old

Now, don't get me wrong. It's a gorgeous time of life for me.. Just my two lil men and me (hubs too sometimes) ambling through life together, enjoying all the lovely little adventures and weathering the tears, tantrums and diva strops along the way.

It's a learning curve for us all and I'm trying my best to savour every wide eyed, sticky fingered, beautiful, cuddly, sleep deprived minute of it.

But isn't the 18-month stage a difficult one? Yes, granted, there are no night feeds, no potty training, no 40-minute winding sessions and no two-hours of broken sleep at night (well sometimes, but nothing like a newborn!)

Instead, what I've got at the toddler stage, is an energy-fuelled, boisterous, active, inquisitive little man, who hasn't yet learnt the meaning of the words "stand still", "wait", or "be patient" and primarily the word no!

As I'm also a mother to a pre schooler, as well as a toddler, adult behaviour is unfortunately required of me at times and this includes waiting patiently in a nice line when I drop my pre schooler off and pick him up.

Unfortunately my toddler cannot see the need for this. And, of course, I'm the only one stood there with a toddler.

While he is delightfully sociable, it would be an understatement to say this little guy likes to make his presence felt. Every day he barges his way to the front of the queue, demanding everyone's attention in his search for his older brother and any toys he can get his hands on and screams his head off at me if I refuse to let him race up and down like a freight train.

Rock and a hard place springs to mind... He's too big for a pushchair, but too small to do as he's darn well told, it seems! Of course, he's only been on the planet for five minutes. No star charts, reward systems or blatant all out bribery for this one! No!

So I weather the massive amount of attention foisted on me for those few minutes every day and smile sweetly, while trying my best not to show the raging embarrassment I'm feeling! I'd love to be one of those mums who doesn't seem to care what their kids get up to, but frankly that's not me. I'd rather blend in than cause a scene.

But, as a parent for the second time around, I've realised, it's not going to last forever and it's just another one of those challenges I must face in the long journey of parenthood.

So grin and bear it I shall, while brazenly repeating the mantra... Everyone has to go through the trying times.... I'm not the first and I won't be the last.

And I'll just keep trying my best and wait for the next challenge to come along.... Now where's that potty...

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