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Tuesday, 23 January 2018

We are not an island...

Yesterday I had a pretty scary emotional breakdown. One which was caused by severe stress.

Now, I’m not saying my situation is the worst in the world, or, that I’m alone in feeling what I feel, but for me, yesterday was incredibly hard. And I’m sure many people in my situation will feel the same.  

You see, I’m a single mum of two crazy, boisterous, loving, super active, massively intelligent, but, as a result, very hard work little boys. I also work long hours and my family all live miles away.

My boys are so close together in age that they love to jump and scream and shout and kick balls in the house and roll about with each other non stop, but they’re also terrible at listening and most definitely will not PUT THEIR SHOES OR COATS ON when it’s time to go anywhere. Ever.

They have no concept of time, or consequence. Life is far too fun to think about things like that. Even when it’s 2am, then 3am, then 4am and they just want to know if it’s morning yet, or how many days there are until Christmas. Sometimes they even tag team through the night to thoughtfully give each other a rest.

When you’re a lone parent dealing with the exhaustion that comes with these daily battles, as well as trying to remember the umpteen things they need for school, not to mention the hectic work day that lies ahead, day after day, after day, it’s not surprising that one of those days your mind, body and soul decides it can take no more.

That day was yesterday. And it wasn’t a fun experience at all.

Yet, here I am on the other side of a really tough day and you know what I realised? That, while I’m doing the best I can and getting the right nutrition, regular exercise and practising healthy thinking, that even then it isn’t always enough and those days will come.

We are, after all, only made of flesh and bone. None of us are superhuman. And there is only so much we can take.

It’s times like this that we must rely on the love and support of our closest friends and family. Those who we know, without a doubt, only have our best interests at heart.

It’s those people who were there for me yesterday, helped me see the light at the end of the tunnel and work out a way to cope better in the future.

These amazing, stunning people were there to pick me up and inspire me to carry on. Not only did they help me in practical ways, but they also helped me to realise that I needed to be kinder to myself for the sake of my children and of course my own well being.

So, what I’m saying is this. There are lots of ways to help yourself but remember you’re not an island. Never be scared to admit you’re struggling and never be afraid to ask for help.

We’re all human. We’re all in this together and we all deserve happiness, whether young or old, rich or poor.

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